Manual tasks that can be automated are a waste of valuable staff time. FlowSIGMA's technology makes it easy for your code to get into the workflow. No two hospitals are the same, but FlowSIGMA makes it easy to tailor the complete solution to your environment.


The real word is full of complications and choices. FlowSIGMA's technology was born in the real world of complex healthcare. It can accept many different types of inputs and act on each singly or in combinations to enable the best service your hospital can provide. For instance, if the load doubles, FlowSIGMA can alert personnel to take the appropriate actions. We invented a new product category, the VNOAT (Vendor Neutral Orchestrator of Analytics and Tools)


FlowSIGMA enables you to apply your cutting-edge insights to address the complexities of real-world conditions in delivering the best patient care.

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Flexibility to Integrate

The real word is full of complications and choices. That's why FlowSIGMA offers conditional execution of workflow steps. If the load doubles, FlowSIGMA alerts additional radiologists. If unusual conditions are detected FlowSIGMA can add additional analysis tools. Smart choices about which people and technology resources are need are at the heart of FlowSIGMA's capabilities.

Flexibility to Innovate

Does your hospital have researchers creating cutting edge image analysis algorithms? Their insights could deliver some of the best patient care in the world if they can be integrated into the diagnosis. Have you read about work done at another institution you think could save lives if used in your hospital? Their image analysis techniques may be available to your radiologists. FlowSIGMA adds innovations from your hospital and from all over the world to apply software tools to patient care.